Montclair Clubhouse


We are delighted to have you as a guest and hope you enjoy your day at the Montclair Golf Club.
The Club works hard to preserve its rich traditions and to make each activity as pleasurable as possible.
To maximize your enjoyment during your visit, please note the following information:

  • Golf Etiquette

      • Cart rules are posted at the Starter's booth and the 1st tee of each Nine.
      • Please keep golf carts at least 30 feet from tees, greens and bunkers except where the area is serviced by a paved road or as otherwise posted.
      • Please do not take golf carts to the range.
      • Please replace divots, repair ball marks and rake bunkers.
      • Unless otherwise posted, U.S.G.A. rules govern play. Local rules are listed on the score card.

  • Dress Code
    • Members and their guests should be appropriately attired at all times when using the Club facilities. Specific rules on dress apply to each activity and they should be read carefully and observed.

      Clubhouse Dress Code

      Country Club casual is the dress code in the Clubhouse.  Country club casual for men and boys is defined as collared shirts, turtlenecks, long sleeve mock turtle neck with 1-1/2” collar, slacks, knee length shorts and shoes.  Women and girls are asked to adhere to similar standard of dress.

      Golf, paddle and tennis attire, including footwear, is permitted in the Clubhouse during the respective seasons up to 6:00 pm.

      NOTE: Men are required to wear jackets on Saturday evenings after 6pm in the Fairway Room

      Hats (males and females) related to sports attire, e.g. golf caps, are not allowed to be worn in the Clubhouse. They may be worn until 6:00 p.m. on the West and North Porch.

      Flip Flops are not acceptable footwear except going to/from and in the locker rooms and pool area. Sneakers (except as related to golf, paddle, and tennis attire) are not acceptable footwear to be worn in either Clubhouse. 

      Golf Dress Code
      • Men - Appropriate attire for men on the golf course (including all practice areas) is slacks, shorts - no more than 2 inches above top of kneecap, belt, collared golf shirt or long sleeve turtle neck or long sleeve mock turtleneck with 1-1/2" collar. Shirts must be tucked in.
      • Women - Acceptable attire on the golf course (including all practice areas) is pants, golf skirts, skorts, and culottes, of appropriate length or Bermuda length shorts (defined as 4 inches from the top of the knee or 19 inches in overall length). Shirts may be sleeveless with a collar. Shirts without collars must have sleeves. Strapless, halter or tank tops are not permitted. Cargo pants/shorts, denim of any kind and tennis attire are not permitted.
      • Caps must be facing forward at all times
      • Bare feet are not allowed on the golf course.

      • All white tennis attire is required and white smooth soled tennis shoes are required at all times.
      • Men are required to wear collared shirts.

      Platform Tennis Dress Code 
      • Members should use discretion as to the appropriate platform tennis attire. Rubber-soled tennis type shoes must be worn on the court at all times to preserve the court surface. Denim materials of any type or color are not acceptable attire.


      • Members and their guests should be appropriately attired at all times when using the Pool and Snack Bar. Cut-offs, running shorts, short shorts, denim materials of any type or color, and tank tops for males are not considered acceptable attire at any time at the Pool or Snack Bar. Caps must be facing forward at all times and should not be worn inside the Snack Bar.
      • Suitable bathing attire is permitted in the pool area, in the parking area while a person is going to and from the pool and in going to and from the Clubhouse Locker Rooms for members, 18 years old or older, who have lockers in the Clubhouse.
  • Smoking
    • Smoking is prohibited within all areas of the Clubhouse.

  • Cell Phones
    • Cellular phone calls are not permitted on Club property except in one’s car, the pool locker rooms, in front of one’s own locker in the Clubhouse, the tennis pro shop, the paddle hut and the phone booths in the main entrance of the Clubhouse. Non-speaking use of cellphones and PDA’s is permitted at the Club with the exception of the Fairway Room, the Jones Room and the Charles Banks room where it is prohibited after 6pm. 

  • Emergency Procedures
    • Should you experience an emergency on the golf course, please use one of the 5 call boxes at the rain shelters and at the on-course restroom.

      The call will come to the starter shed and the front desk. The staff in those areas are trained to respond appropriately (including the use of a Defibrillator, if necessary).